Friday, 16 December 2011

My Intro~

Hi everyone!I'm now a new blogger...
my name is iqa,i'm 14 years old,i school at smk dato'sulaiman...:DDD
i have 8 siblings and i'm the youngest one..hihihi
i live at parit sulong and for now i work at Restoran Kaseh..
(finding some money yo!)
At Restoran Kaseh,i have a lot of friend..i'm very happy at there... :)
they very kind at me and i can eat a lot of food especially i can eat a lot of paru goreng because
that was my favourite foodd :DDDD
Firstly,i don't eat paru goreng but then my mom give the paru goreng i eat it...
Lastly,that was my favourite food..heheheheh
Okay everyone,that's all for My Intro~
I hope you can be my followers
Enjoy your day!

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