Saturday, 17 December 2011

bSnNye ary nie ,, :'(

emm ,, mner mk nie ,, cpt laa amik ,, 6pe tnggal ,, nx blk cpt nie ,, !!! at cnie ,, bsn cgat2 ,, 
x dew owg at kdai nie ,, mmbskn ,, cbe lau adew owg ,, ley amik oder .,, hehehe ,, 
adew abg nsem ,, ley amik oder ,, hehehe ,, issh gtl nye aq nie ,, huhuhuhu,,
emmmm ,, x ley apy2 ary nie ,, bb aq cdh ,, cmlm aq adew jnji nan mylop2 ,, jnji kol 4 nx jmpe ,,
bb aq wndu aat dye2 t'amat cgat :'(
tpi... ckg da kol 5:20pm dah adohai,, mk x amik2 aaq ,, sory mylop2 ,, msty dye mrh an ,,, 
aq tkot nx tpon dye ckrg ,, hmm ,, xpe laa nnty aq mtx maaf jew laa at dye
mtx2 laa dye maaf an aq ,, hmmm ,, sory papa !!! 
esok kte jmpe ea bb ma esok x kje ,, so bnyk mse ,, ary nie mmg buzy bb ary nie kje buzy cgat 
 mk sroh kje cmpai ptg ,, mk dh blk kol 2 tdy .. lau x ,,ley jmpe papa tdy .. x dpt date nan papa ary nie ,, cdh nye :'(

emm ,, oke laa kte dh nx blk nie ..,, jx agi mx smpai amik ,,
oke bye2 cmue ,, assalammukalaikum ,, 

Friday, 16 December 2011

My Intro~

Hi everyone!I'm now a new blogger...
my name is iqa,i'm 14 years old,i school at smk dato'sulaiman...:DDD
i have 8 siblings and i'm the youngest one..hihihi
i live at parit sulong and for now i work at Restoran Kaseh..
(finding some money yo!)
At Restoran Kaseh,i have a lot of friend..i'm very happy at there... :)
they very kind at me and i can eat a lot of food especially i can eat a lot of paru goreng because
that was my favourite foodd :DDDD
Firstly,i don't eat paru goreng but then my mom give the paru goreng i eat it...
Lastly,that was my favourite food..heheheheh
Okay everyone,that's all for My Intro~
I hope you can be my followers
Enjoy your day!